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CNY Travel Journal Collection- Yilan County

I'm excited and happy to share with you a new travel journal all dedicated to the Taiwanese CNY (Chinese New Year), celebrated in Yilan county.

Our trip started with a visit at Lun Pi Park - 崙埤河濱公園 to experience the Taiwanese Sakura blossom, in Chinese called 櫻花 (a type of oriental cherry). Enjoy the view and feel the energy of the cherry fields, the fresh air and pure scent.

Take a deep breath and immerse in the beauty of Nature. Our trip begins here...

The journal will include some first hand photos and videos from an authentic local tour in Yilan led by a local Taiwanese friend who made all efforts to take us to the most exciting places, experience most interesting cultures and customs explore fascinating aboriginal communities and people, glaze at beautiful nature all around attend ancient style performances and Chinese 戲劇 playing the Monkey King (孫悟空), visit historical spots filled with stories and inspiration and of course enjoying heavenly culinaries experiences, delicious foods and the list is long....

Feel free to comment and share your thoughts and feelings. Stay Tuned! ♥️

And remember- whenever you plan on coming and wish to see such scenes or take part in richful activities in Taiwan, feel free to get in touch, we would be happy to show you around and share all this pleasure with you! Be assured you will not in get lost in translation! 😁

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