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Kenting for beach lovers

Since I first arrived in Taiwan and up until today, I've only found one good beach in the north in an area called Fulong, where you can enjoy the day with friends and loved ones and...that's about it, only one day. Kenting beach however can offer you so much more! For me it was a wonderful long weekend with many luxury restaurants and beautiful landscape views, the beach was chill and the water temperature was OK, though not like in Brazil where you can spend hours inside but yet, I would say that it is one of the best beaches in Taiwan.

To give this wonderful place an extra point, the sunset would give you a romantic moment after a long traveling day. Of course, that's not all there is because Kenting is for night lovers and many foreigners like to hang there too. So... don't worry, you won't need any Chinese skills there to communicate.

The most noticeable thing I found there were those mini bars that are actually part of the night market something I've never found in other places, you will also find many others all-night long bars.

After exploring the things we can do out on the beach I found the "deer paradise", this is one of the must stops to hang in, I would say that one hour is enough to enjoy this cute place. The entrance ticket fee is around $NT200 and you can buy some food to feed the deer's with, take some awesome pictures, touch and interact with them (take special care in case you're traveling with kids though).

I hope you can go one day and discover this wonderful place in the southeast place of Taiwan.

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