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About Me

Michelle Duan

I admire the Chinese culture and believe its essence is divine.

I strive to cultivate my heart and well being, to constantly improve my character and to be a better person. The bamboo is thus the symbol I'm using in my logo as it represents the principles I follow of integrity, loyalty and righteousness.

I did my Bachelor degree of China studies and Chinese language in Israel and my Master's in MBA studies in Taiwan.

I gathered vast experience of more than 10 years working and living among Chinese communities in Israel, Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Taiwan and other countries. From translation works to personal interpretation in various environments all the way to large scale projects done in Israel and abroad. Your success is my motivation!

Will be happy to do my best for you and to serve as a connecting bridge between cultures, languages and great people!

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I'm Working With Willis Chen

Mr. Chen has an experience of 10 years in banking and finance, and 10 years in commercial assets management. 
He also possesses profound experience and knowledge in business negotiation and communication, with more than 100 transaction cases completed.


Business negotiations, enterprise and international commerce-related contract building, taxation consulting and more









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