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Taiwan's Mocha is Heavenly

OK so you may have heard of the Japanese green tea powder called Mocha 抹茶 right?

In Taiwan it got to be SO popular that you can literally find it in almost every coffee shop.

It can even come as ice cream flavor (yes yes Mocha ice cream), cakes, cookies, different beverages and more. Oh this thing is supper yummy!

And from my experience its either you really really LOVE or really really well...not.

I found myself falling in love with whatever comes in Mocha flavor, and decided to go on a journey.

The journey of finding that perfect, high quality place for pure Mocha, cause you know they can get to have dozens or even hundreds of different types and with different criteria to be taken into account like the color, the texture, quality and density and...what not.

So, then one day it happened to be my birthday and a precious friend decided to give me the BEST of Mocha experience and took me to a special place, one that will be hard to forget, one that I promised myself to keep celebrate my next birthdays at, one that will always be remembered with the most heavenly taste of a true, original, rich and luxurious Mocha feast.

And hey, whenever you come to Taiwan please remember to pay them a visit and experience it yourself!

Oh yeah, and don't forget to call me when you do so ha?! ;)

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