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The Essence of Taiwan via Tea Drinking

Traditional tea serving and pouring is filled with so many details that need to pay attention to. Starting from the tea type of course, the tea set it is served with, the tools being used, the tray to place the tea leaves on, the tea pot, its thickness and size, as well the exact amount of tea and its proportion with the water.

The pot and cups must be warmed, the leaves washed and rinsed, water poured from a specific height and the tea brewed for a specific time length, sometimes even several times…

The temperature of the water (90°C) and that of the pot should be the same.

The height of the mountain the tea grows on is crucial as well and… oh well what not.

Watch the nice guy in the video explains all of this and more in a visit to one of Taipei’s most peaceful tea gardens located in Dongmen.

Awesome opportunity to practice your Chinese and your tea pouring skills

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