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Let's Go for a Green Dream!

If you're thinking of going out for a while and have some moments of pleasure, moments of nature and fresh air after sitting at home for months during the Covid era...

Then this place is totally for you!

Xitou (溪頭) of Nantou (南頭) County, has a lot of amazing and rich forests, some are bamboo forests with various animals and bird species living in it, there are countless of walking routes and even challenging hiking routes for those looking for more action.

The view from the room's balcony of Shante Hotel, green, green and more green...

Amazing bamboo forests are all around, they even have those special sounds coming out of them when windy...

That was an awesome spot for meditation as the clouds were so bright and high you could literally feel as if you're sitting inside them...

Private rice fields can be seen there as well, you can tell they are for private use, rather than commercial one, by the (much) less organized form they have.

The forest is pretty foggy and sometimes we had to stop and wait until we could see the road again...though I found it kind of fun and spooky at the same time lol

Take a deep breath as these rooms are located right in the forest, and all you have to see upon waking up is trees and more trees. Its a Green energy boost.

Turn left or right? well if you're planning on going into the 忘憂森林 (wangyou forest) and forget all your worries, then the right turn is the right answer...Have fun!

There's nothing more satisfying than climbing for so long inside forests with heavy fog and cool air only to finally reach the top and find clear skies and even a smiling piece of sun :)

I definitely took the challenge and climbed a steep and long path all the way to the top just too realized...that I (finally) reached heaven! It was all filled with clouds and nothing but clouds that you literally feel like flying among them breathing their soft fluffy air and looking at the world from up above...oh what an experience.

Spoil yourself with a comfy clean room and astonishing view

Heaven and earth are coming together...every moment is a unique one.

Cause if waking up inside a forest isn't enough for you, then they also got a "forest bathtub" with forest view for you to wash and enjoy in....supreme.

This is the first thing you see in the day once you wake up and open your eyes. Now tell me its not a dream...

Right near the entrance path leading to the 忘憂森林 (Wangyou forest), there's an additional path going to the other direction, taking you to a beautiful hiking trail, you can even get to see some small monkeys on the way...

So after a long way of hiking in thick woods and thick fog, when reaching the highest point of the hill you finally get to see clear skies and a comforting sun, get to breathe some fresh air. All as if rewarding you for what you've been through on the way up there...

So when you get there remember there's a lot to see, take your time and take it easy. Spend a few days to relax and enjoy the rare views and air. Breath it all before going back to the city hey...;)

Have hips of fun!

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