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Amazing Lotus Flowers in Taiwan's Qingshui Wetland (金山清水濕地美麗的蓮花)

In Chinese traditional culture there is a well known saying describing the purity and uniqueness of the lotus flower. It resembles the purity of a person's heart or character and thus called: 處於泥而不染 (chū yū ní ér bù rǎn).

Literally means growing out of a mud but not polluted, or coming out of the dirty mud unsoiled, it describes the ability or state of having been in bad surroundings without allowing oneself to be affected by them. I personally really love lotus flowers and even got to grow some at home!

If you're a lotus flower and Taiwan lover like me, allow me to introduce an amazing place in Taiwan that you must go visit once in your life.

Qingshui Wetland is located in New Taipei City’s Jinshan District. It spans an area of approximately 80 hectares. It is the largest wetland on the North Coast and is with free entrance.

But hey, do rememebr to get out of the screen and visit the Beutiful Qingshui Wetland in Taiwan as it looks totally amazing in real life!

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