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Learn Chinese in Taiwan- Media Advertising


Taiwan Center for Mandarin Learning


Scope of work:

Whole day shooting with the local media NTDTV in cooperation with the Overseas Community Affairs Council (OCAC ) for promoting  traditional Chinese studies in Taiwan at the prominent well known language center. 


The purpose of the promotional video was to attract more foreigners from all over the world to come and study Chinese in Taiwan. The OCAC wanted to have foreigners in Taiwan with relevant experience who can share about the topic.


Planning & Coordinating

Coordination with the TV media channel personnel for the
shooting day

Creating the Content

Preparation of the content we would like to share with the viewers

Shooting Session

Actual shooting session at a local educational institution with the
media team


Final Product Provided

The final product for the promotional materials was delivered successfully

Quality Content

The video shooting was done in an efficient way and with quality content

Successful Message Delivery

The message was delivered in a broad scope and more foreigners learned about the opportunity

Michelle's ability to express herself in both Chinese and English languages is excellent. with clear and well-organized thoughts and high level of coherence. It's a great honor to have invited her to assist the Overseas Community Affairs Council in producing videos to promote overseas Taiwanese Mandarin learning centers. Her personal experiences and insights have enriched the content of the entire video, making her an outstanding partner for collaboration.

Eugenia Lee | Epoch Times Taiwan Assistant Vice President Advertising Dep.

My personal perspective


When showing on TV screen in front of countless of people, you want your content to be attractive enough and of a high quality to get the best out of it, to create positive impact. It is thus crucial to have someone with deep understanding of the culture and the nuances of both the foreign and Chinese language

- Michelle 

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