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Taiwan’s success in handling the pandemic


TV Channel 13


Scope of work:

To shoot and share right from the streets of Taiwan. The TV channel contacted me and asked to help record and share on Taiwan's Covid19 policies and how it manifests in our daily lives. 


The purpose of these news was to bring most direct, relevant and authentic materials from Taiwan. To be able to present and share on the strict measures Taiwan has taken in preventing the spread 
of Covid-19. It is but necessary that someone local will report right from the scene and share actual photos, videos and updated information.


Contact & Plan

Contact was made between Channel 13 and me, we agreed on reporting straight from the streets of Taiwan and planned the unique places to report from

Cooperating with Locals

Cooperating with a local university for the report and exploring additional shops, train stations, pharmacy's
and more

Streets Strolling & Shooting

Streets strolling, shops visiting, campus shooting and interviews with local people in Taiwan


Unique News Piece

Various shooting sections were taken and the content was interesting and rich

High Quality Report

The report could be easily made with clear and unique content to provide the channel with its initial needs for the news piece

Broadcasted Successfully

A complete news report was broadcasted on the TV channel and on its website for the satisfaction of both the news team and the Taiwanese figures involved in the making

In a short time period Michelle has helped us and shot high quality materials in a professional manner and did a good job which helped us create an excellent article about the condition of Taiwan at that time.

Itsik | Channel 13 Correspondent Coordinator

My personal perspective


Creating a program about Taiwan and Taiwanese people, interviews and other authentic information is very valuable however without localizing and accurate translation, the message you wish to share with your audience cant be clear or interesting enough. It is thus crucial to have a professional translator with deep understanding of the culture and the nuances of the Chinese language.

- Michelle 

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