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Teaching & Sharing - Ming Chuan Highschool


Ming Chuan Junior Highschool


Scope of work:

Cooperate with Keelung Mingchuan Junior High School in a mission to share with hundreds of students about Israel's wonders, ones life journey and career path, while improving their English at the same time in various engaging activities


Local Taiwanese junior high school students rarely have opportunities to meet and personally interact or communicate with foreigners, practice their English and learn about other cultures from first hand. School's teachers hoped to conduct rich and unique learning activity for the students for a whole week.


Coordination & Preparation

Coordinating projects days and preparation meetings with the school's dean

Engaging Content

Content creation with engaging presentation for large classes with total of 400 students

Conducting Lessons

Conducting various rich and engaging class activities accompanied with educational presentation


Relationships Formed

Close and friendly relationship were formed with school's management and teachers

Enrich & Inspire

Enriching and educational content was provided to the students via well planned English lessons

Language Skills

Improved level of spoken English, cultural familiarization and motivation to broaden student's horizon

It was our great honor to invite Michelle to teach the students in Ming Chuan Junior High School in Keelung.
Our students liked the culture lessons from Michelle, and they all enjoyed the class so much!
We all learned a lot from her awesome job!

Emily Kuo | Director of Ming Chuan Junior High School

My personal perspective


While teaching or sharing with others, especially young students it is crucial to know what is the value you offer and how inspiring it is. In education settings it is the seeds you sow and the curiosity you evoke that matter. Quality education is about developing independent thinking and broaden people's horizon.
For me, to see the students so delighted & thankful is the very thing that keeps me going and make efforts to give the best to others!

- Michelle 

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