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Taiwan International Water Exhibition


IDE Technologies


Scope of work:

Host and support the company booth’s during Taiwan's International Water Exhibition days while engaging with event’s participants to form hot leads, welcome guests and to form positive business relationships.


The company wanted to have a local representative, with the relevant knowledge, experience in the business sphere and language skills to support on site and fully utilize their presentation abroad. 


Mastered Relevant Terminology

We learned the complex and highly technical materials of the presented technology and its relevant professional terms

Support & Engagement

We hosted and supported the company booth’s activities, educated and engaged with the event’s participants to create hot leads

Forming Relationships

We welcomed guests and government officials and formed positive business relationships


Potential Quality Leads

IDE has received an impressive attention from the exhibition's guests and enjoyed ample amount of leads

Company Attracted VIPs

The company got the attention of prominent and VIP personnel in the field as well as of Gov sectors of Taiwan who visited there

Strong & Visible Presence

The presence of the company in Taiwan was and still is strong and with stable and flourishing business activity in the water tech sector

Especially valuable asset to our team. Michelle quickly picked up on complex and highly technical material and was able to educate and engage event participants professionally and intelligently.

Chen Rosenfeld | Business Development Manager

My personal perspective


When a foreigner company is on the path of developing its markets abroad, exhibitions are a very common, useful strategy to raise awareness, form relationships and find potential clients and partners.
It is important to have a local representative, with the relevant knowledge and language skills to take care of those things for you and fully utilize your presentation abroad. 

- Michelle 

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