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Audit Project Coordination


Elbit Systems Ltd.


Scope of work:

Audit project for Elbit Systems at the supplier's facilities in Tainan city, southern part of Taiwan. I was invited as the local coordinator to assist the Israeli team in their communication with the Taiwanese company, functioning as their Israeli representative for the project.


When two companies of different countries, cultures and business concepts want to work together, misunderstandings or challenges can be met  along the way. It is thus important for the client to invite a local coordinator to help smooth up the process until achieving results.


Pre Kickoff Preparation

Learning the needed materials and project background, holding video conversations and coordinating work schedule prior to project execution

Factory Visit & Audit

Physical meetings with the supplier at their facilities, factory visits and audit work

Business Meetings Coordination

Executing conferences meetings of both sides, reaching agreement and understanding while clarifying whenever needed for a smooth communication and project conclusion


Smooth & Organized

The audit went smoothly and in an organized manner for both parties

Flow of Communication

Both companies felt comfortable with one another and with no inconveniency during project days

Successful Audit

Audit went according to the planned schedule and was completed successfully according to the client's request. Relation between both sides is still ongoing and cooperation is fruitful

It is the first time that the audit in Taiwan went as planned. It is so important to have help from a person who is familiar with both cultures. In future audits in the East, I'll request your help again.

Oshri Tourjeman | Suppliers Quality Manager

My personal perspective


When executing large scale project it is crucial to keep the good energies while adhering to the strictest standards of quality and accuracy for the satisfaction of all stakeholders. For me, success is creating added value for the client, progress and results that will help leverage the relationship between the client or the partner, even when far away across the ocean.

- Michelle 

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