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Aerospace Division Project Coordination


Elbit Systems Ltd.


Scope of work:

Close work with professionals and companies' managers during a business trip in Taichung city, central part of Taiwan. The work included connecting between both sides and reaching good communication flow. The project required negotiation skills, careful logistics work, translation and interpretation.


Whenever an Israeli company visiting Taiwan to execute a complex project with high demands and tight schedule there is no place for mistakes or delays. The client thus needed to have a local representative that can help coordinate with the Taiwanese side.


Project Preparation

Learning the background of the project, the relevant professional terms and preparing the needed materials, creating project's timeline, agenda and schedule

Business Meetings

Joining the Israeli engineers in their trip in Taiwan, business meetings with the Taiwanese side, bridging and translating whenever needed

Coordination & Negotiation

Making sure all relevant departments' are following the instructions of the client, assisting with internal conferences, coordinating and negotiating when needed to reach mutual understanding


Communication Flow

Israeli side was very satisfied with the performance of the our team, communication was not an obstacle anymore

Security & Confidence

Israeli engineers felt secured and with confidence knowing there is always someone local on their side who can solve unexpected problems

Foster Relationships

The Israeli & Taiwanese companies' relations were strengthened and project had tremendous progress for the satisfaction of both parties

I would like to thank you for the cooperation, the patient and the great added value you bring to the process you're taking part in.

Ofer Shtayer | Senior Director, Elbit Systems

My personal perspective


For me success is to create added value for the client who assigned me for a project, while aiming to receive excellent outcomes, see progress and results. Such that will also leverage the relationship between the client or partner even when far away in a country like Taiwan.

- Michelle 

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