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So What’s With the Name Card?


Oh yes I'm sure you know it, I'm sure you implicate it, and this is all great!

But isn't it always nice to get a “gentle reminder” ?

Here you go-

Your name card, or business card if you like, is actually YOU. Yes, you heard that right. It is you. Same for the person you meet who hands it to you, his card is him. He’s image, his face. So, take it gently with both hands, hold it softly, stare at it, learn it and then but only then you may put it down in front of you during your meeting time.

NEVER put it in your bag, pocket, or anywhere else when in front of that person.

NEVER fold it or simply give it a quick look.

Instead, give it the attention you would give to the person you meet, with care, respect and appreciation.

And there you go, a wonderful beginning for a successful meeting!

Good Luck!

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