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Audit Project in Taiwan- Elbit Systems

This project was an audit project done in the facilities of Rayshine company in the southern part of Taiwan, Taichung City.
The audit consisted of 2 days of meetings between the Israeli side and the Taiwanese company and required coordination work prior and during the meetings.  The actual work included coordination of video conferences, simultaneous and consecutive translations, documents translation and clarification, planning and time scheduling during the project days and no less important,  mutual business dinners to keep the relationship close and warm. 
Last day also included gift exchanging for a final sweet taste and positive vibes before saying goodbye.

While executing projects for clients it is always important to keep the positive energy ongoing while holding onto the highest standards of accuracy and professionalism for the satisfaction of all parties involved. 

For me success is to create added value for the client who assigned me for a project, while hoping to receive excellent outcomes, see progress and results. Such that will also leverage the relationship between the client or partner even when far away in a country like Taiwan. 

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