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Elbit Systems Ltd- Workshop on Taiwan business environment


Elbit Systems Ltd.


Scope of work:

Give a rich lecture on the fascinating topic- Taiwan.
Present updated information.  Topics included Taiwan's background and society, economy, culture, business environment, forming relationships and many other interesting topics.


Many businesses are dreaming to expand their reach globally and cooperate with companies in Asia. However due to lack of knowledge and understanding of the different cultures, projects tend to experience delay or even to fail. It is important to arrange workshops and orientation days to educate and share knowledge with company's employees.


Materials & Content Preparation

Collection of all relevant materials for a rich and engaging presentation

Presentation with Impact

Presentation at Elbit System's facilities together with all the participants

Engaging Workshop

Q&A section, simulations with participants and small talks over Taiwanese snacks between breaks


Successful and Enjoyable

The workshop was very successful and enjoyable

Educational & Practical

Participants gathered a lot of practical knowledge to implicate in their business activity

Network & Cooperation

New connections were formed and further potential cooperation was established


"It was so authentic"
"I got so much value out of it thank you
so much"
"It was amazing people had so much fun"
"Other employees who couldn't come felt so sorry for missing it"

Workshop's participants

My personal perspective


Many businesses are dreaming to expand their reach globally and cooperate with companies in Asia. however due to lack of knowledge and deep understanding of the Asian culture, companies either avoid doing business in the region or often miss good opportunities due to small mistakes or misunderstanding. It is thus but crucial to have someone professional in the filed that can lead and guide the project in the foreign country for a worriless, smooth business operation. 

- Michelle 

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