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Audit Project in Taiwan - Elbit Systems


Elbit Systems


Scope of work:

To conduct 2-day audit, engaging Israeli and Taiwanese teams in productive meetings at Rayshine Co. in vibrant Taichung City, Taiwan.


The foreign client can't always go abroad and prefers to send someone on behalf of their company to do the work.


Streamline Workflows

Coordination work prior and during project period between both sides via video conferences, planning & scheduling work

Interpretation & Translation

Simultaneous and consecutive translations on site in the company's facilities, documents translation and more during the audit period

Network Across Cultures

Networking and cultural bridging to strengthen the relationship between both sides


Smooth & successful

The audit process went smoothly and successfully for both sides with no any inconvenience or misunderstandings.

According to schedule

We managed to work in a timely manner according to the schedule, completing the audit to the satisfaction of the client and the Taiwanese side

Cooperation strengthened

Cooperation between both sides were strengthened ever since as the relations kept going and are fruitful

You enabled me to work from a distance, saved me a trip to Taiwan, and yet to perform an effective audit. I will continue to request you services.

Oshri Tourjeman | Suppliers Quality Manager

My personal perspective


While executing projects for clients it is important to keep the positive energy ongoing while holding to the highest standards of accuracy and professionalism for the satisfaction of all stakeholders.

For me success is to create added value for the client, see progress and results. Such that will also leverage the relationship between the client or partner even when far away in a country like Taiwan.

- Michelle 

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