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Chinese foreign workers of construction in Israel


Cimi - Center for International Migration and Integration


Scope of work:

Assist thousands of Chinese migrant workers living in Israel, serving as their connecting bridge to the authorities. Constantly helping translate and interpret between them and the immigration bureau.


The work is demanding and bears a lot of responsibilities. It requires working with a sensitive and fragile community with care and deep understanding of the Chinese culture and language.


Communication Tools

Executing and receiving phone calls from dozens of Chinese workers a day and assisting them with various issues, while serving as a mediator between them to Governmental departments

Translation & Localization

Translating the calls and other relevant documents from Chinese to English and Hebrew or vice versa and sending daily reports

Cultural Bridging with Care

Creating a safe, familiar and warm environment for thousands of workers living far away from home, with sensitive care and attitude to their various needs


Effective Communication

The communication and handling of the thousands of Chinese workers in Israel is professional and smooth

Unique Dedicated Platform

We manage to work in a timely manner and provide solutions to the various needs of the migrant workers, creating a dedicated platform for them in Israel

Cooperation & Growth

The Chinese workers are receiving the required attention and treatment to the satisfaction of both sides. Which helps strengthening cooperation in the growing industry of construction

Her work is professional and organized, and she holds herself to high standards.

Naama Hecht | Manager of Migrant Workers Call Center

My personal perspective


While executing projects for clients in the Governmental sector there are a lot of details to take into account

There are high expectations, various demanding requirements and a tight schedule at all times.

It is thus important to keep the positive energy ongoing while holding onto the highest standards of accuracy and professionalism for the satisfaction of all stakeholders.

I'm proud to have this environment and opportunity where I can exercise those qualities while benefiting those in need, adding value to their challenging work and life conditions.

- Michelle 

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