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Study Chinese? Come to Taiwan!

Oh this shooting day was a blast! had so much fun with amazing people and content and above all-

A great cause! Promoting Chinese studies in Taiwan yeiiii! (I even got to have our Israeli flag presented while talking, respect!)

Just think about that, by learning the language you get to learn the culture, the stories, the figures behind it, the history and what not...

You literally experience a whole new rich world filled with positive energy and enriching knowledge

What more can we ask for?

I personally had a great experience learning Traditional Chinese, both in Hong Kong and Taiwan

Its just that when you're already in Taiwan you also get to see all that beautiful culture and awesome sites all in one.

So...? what are you waiting for, come to Taiwan for your new language journey.

Promise you'd love it!

Big thanks to the Taiwan Center for Mandarin Learning by Overseas Community Affairs Council (OCAC) for the chance given!

Cause language learning is never just about learning language itself!

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