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Fort Zeelandia, Taiwan

This is The Great Zheng Chenggong, who came from China to kick out the Europeans when La Formosa (Taiwan) started to develop as a strategic point for commerce in the 17th.

This is one of the oldest Fort built up in Taiwan and one of the main attractions in Tainan.

The place is surrounded by a long street market and some traditional Temples.

On the day I went the place was super crowded but yet chill in some way, it is said that people in the South of Taiwan are very easy going as if on an everlasting vacation so whenever around them one may feel relaxed all the same.

Here I took a picture with some of the information about the construction of the Fort given in the place. Always useful :)

There is a lot of history which can be told about this place, but that's for another post, this time we merely focus on enjoying the beauty of this place. This was actually my first time there but definitely not the last, so, no worries, there shall be more to come.

Check out this short video, to get another glimpse of the place!

Hope this glance is enough to make you willing to visit this beautiful place!

Image by elvakevin from Pixabay

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