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 Ice-il Ltd. Entrepreneurs Project Coordination

A group of young Israeli entrepreneurs with a successful and unique business in the food industry  were keen to explore some business opportunities and further develop in Israel. 


They were interested in purchasing a very unique technology being implicated in food machines in Taiwan to be able to later use it in their business operation.


For this project which I had the privilege to coordinate, my role was to contribute to their understanding and familiarization with Taiwan’s business environment, culture, language and way of doing things. All of this in order to achieve the company’s business goals set for the project.


As their personal interpreter my work included: scheduling meetings with various companies in Taiwan, helping negotiate and read the agreements as well as understand the current situation in each of the meetings to be able to react in a timely manner. This was done while bridging between the two different languages, mindsets and way of doing business for the convenience of both parties involved. The Israeli team also enjoyed sightseeing while experiencing the local atmosphere.


Prior to the trip, we had several orientation meetings to learn about their business model and project’s goals, as well as about the way business is done in Taiwan, what is acceptable to do and what not, the right dress code etc. and even to learn a few basic words in Chinese to impress the Taiwanese hosts. 


This was definitely an unforgettable business trip which we all learned and benefited a lot from!

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